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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  April 12, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> and lots of eyes are on a new family that just moved into the heart of the nation's capital. >> we begin with the budget battle shaping up to be an all-out political war. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. the nation's capital is at the heart of the war. protests yesterday on capitol hill led to the arrest of d.c. mayor vincent gray and several d.c. council members. they're upset that funding for d.c. programs was cut and used as a bargaining tool to come up with a national budget compromise. we have team coverage on the spending showdown, including new reaction from d.c. leaders. but we begin with details on another white house budget plan. steve handelsman is on capitol hill with more on president obama's new ways to save. steve? >> reporter: thanks, doreen. of course, it can be confusing. what we were talking about, what vince gray came up here to protest was the 2011 budget. more on that. now the president will speak tomorrow about the 2012 budget. it will be a new proposal, we're told. and that means it's an admission
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that the original obama, 2012 budget from a few months ago, wasn't cutting it. that we need to get rid of a lot more red ink. where will he say we have to spend less? trillions less? for clues to the cuts, president obama will propose tomorrow, look at the cut he's agreed to friday night in the 2011 budget deal. details revealed today. >> pell grants for college students. race to the top for public schools were not cut. but the epa took a hit. highway repair funds were slashed. new high-speed rail got killed, but to deal with the deficit, much more will be needed. democrats and republicans agree. >> that means medicare, medicaid, fix social security. >> aides say president obama has a plan. >> he will provide the american people his vision for long-term deficit reduction.
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>> republicans want more than a vision. >> let's say the numbers. >> and until he indicates he's willing to sign something, it's all just talk. >> hard numbers or not, aides say the president will call for pentagon cuts. tough to sell to republicans. and cuts in entitlements like social security usually opposed by democrats. aides say barack obama believes in a balanced approach to deficit reduction. >> that's washington speak. translation, the president will call for tax hikes. i'm steve handelsman, news 4, live from the hill. >> steve, thank you. vincent gray says the sit-in on capitol hill that landed him in jail last night is just the beginning. the mayor was at another rally today and hopes it will spark even more demonstrations for people who want democracy for the district. tom sherwood here with more on this. >> reporter: the city is angry at congress and at the white
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house. it feels the president threw d.c. under the bus. mayor vincent gray proudly showed off his arrest record on tuesday. >> which shows i have been charged and convicted of unlawful conduct. >> reporter: d.c. demonstrators filled constitution avenue monday. prompting the arrest of 41 people, including mayor vincent gray and a half goes dozen coun members. another provision forces the city to accept a controversial school voucher program, also a gop demand. emerging from a capitol hill police jail after midnight tuesday, they displayed their arrest bracelets while they vowed to fight for the full right to run the city's affairs. and at a planned parenthood rally to support the city's
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abortion rights funding, gray said the city can't just have one dave activism. >> one event on one day is not going to reverse decades of a travesty, decades of injustice. that hopefully yesterday was a spark. >> reporter: city leaders are especially angry with president obama for abandoning a city that gave him 93% of the vote in 2008. >> it's disappointing. i mean, when you support somebody as strongly as we have supported the president, why would we support him? it's kind like there's only so much abuse you can take. >> reporter: the white house acknowledged the demonstration but indicated it wasn't changing its mind. >> not everyone got what he or she wanted. he would not have supported this, does not support the provision that concerns the mayor. and he is a firm supporter of d.c. home rule. but in a negotiation, you have to make tough choices. >> reporter: supporters of d.c. voting rights say they are planning another event next monday but they're not giving out any details. they are saying there won't be
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any arrests but they are saying there wouldn't be any arrests yesterday. >> so stay tuned. >> absolutely. >> all right. tom sherwood reporting. thank you. storm watch tonight, let's check in with doug kammerer to find out the latest on conditions out there. doug? >> right now, doreen, shower activity continuing to make its way across portions of the area. not everybody is getting it. although the clouds look very ominous outside. if you do step outside. something else, the winds kicking up upwards of 30 miles an hour across the region. you can see on digital doppler radar all of the rain to the west of harrisonburg. also rain now making its way into northern virginia. let's take a couple of zooms to loudoun county. look at the rain around leesburg toward clack county and berriville. also the panhandle of west virginia. west virginia getting pummeled with some very heavy rain. especially into central portions. 56 degrees with the winds out of the east-northeast at 16 miles per hour. that rain, at least the showers,
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will continue. i'll let you know when we may finally break out of this pattern as it will continue right on through most of the day tomorrow. my forecast coming up. >> we'll see you soon. thank you, doug. new concern over long-term effects of the nuclear crisis in japan. this has as officials raise the radiation threat level. it is now a 7 on the international scale, putting it on par with the chernobyl disaster in 1986. the amount of radiation released from the fukushima plant is still only a tenth of what happened from chernobyl, but officials say the reactor at chernobyl was destroyed while fukushima's -- or still intact and have been leaking for a month. last month's quake could also impact sales of toyota vehicles in the u.s. the automaker sent memos to dealers that production slowdowns might mean a shortage this summer. the prices at the pump is really causing problems for a lot of people now. the average cost of a gallon of regular unleaded gas in the district is $3.97. in maryland, it's $3.78.
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virginia drivers paying slightly less at $3.70. jane watrel is in virginia. >> reporter: gas prices ton climb and are threatening to undermine a fragile economy. drivers are cutting back with gas consumption. but that seems to have little or no effect on prices. round and round and round it goes at the pump. as gas prices hit a 30-month high. motorists are now forking over almost 80 cents more a gallon than the first of the year. >> it seemed like it came out of nowhere. it's painful for all of us. >> reporter: he's not exaggerating. according to aaa, the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded is $3.77. that's 91 cents higher than this time last year. that means if you fill up a 15-gallon tank of unleaded gas it will cost you $56.85 a tank. compared to 2010, that's $13.95
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higher. for the d.c. metro area, it now costs $57.30 for that same tank of gas. up a whopping $14.10 a tank from this time last year. >> the price of gas is so radioactive now that people are cutting back on driving. they are changing their driving habits. we haven't seen this in three years. and it's likely that we may return to $4 gas by the summer. and even break the previous all-time record. >> in old town alexandria, gas prices soared to $4.09 a gallon for regular unleaded. $4.14 down the street. drivers across the area say they have taken to carpooling. >> trying to carpool more. trying to combine trips. do fewer trips to the grocery store. just trying to cut down. >> i think the prices will start rising the end of the year, the prices could reach $5 per gallon
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which is very, very expensive. >> now aaa doesn't foresee $5 a gallon, regular unleaded gas, but they do foresee if this trend continues, surpassing the $4.11 national average. that happened in july of 2008. that was the most expensive time for gasoline ever. reporting live in merifield, i'm jane watrel. >> thanks, jane. fairfax county property owners are getting a tax rate cut, but their bills will still be going up. the board of supervisors approved a budget framework that cuts taxes two cents per $100 of real estate value. the average homeowner will still bay $20 more when rising home values are factored in. the budget sets aside $1.1 million to extend all-day kindergarten to all county schools and offer nose pay raise for county employees who haven't seen an increase in two years. sewer service charges and fees are also going up. coming up tonight, an
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explanation for the traffic jam on a tarmac that led to a collision. the defense for a virginia schoolteacher who made black students pretend to be slaves. >> and church leaders unloading the gun rights for the faithful. a mother and her ducklings have found refuge in the heart of d.c. >> the redskins preseason schedule is out. nationals outfielder jayson werth playing his former team for the first time. plus why the capitals going with michael noyvert as their with michael noyvert as their ga great looking lawn like this,
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even if you've never been successful with other seed before. the revolutionary scotts ez seed. grow grass anywhere.
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you're watching "news 4 at 6:00." >> the national transportation safety board is investigating a plane collision on the tarmac at john f. kennedy airport. last night an airbus a380 tax egg toward the runway clipped a smaller plane.
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michelle franzen has more on what went wrong. >> reporter: delta's comair commuter set looked more like a model airplane at jfk monday night, tossed around by the world's largest passenger aircraft after the left wing clipped the jet's tail. no one on either plane was injured. air france passenger lawrence said he saw the small jet from his window seat but barely felt the impact. >> initially people just -- there were a few gasps and uh, sort of reaction. it wasn't too extravagant because we're such a massive airplane and such a small jet. but it looked worse than we felt. certainly the people in the regional jet got a spin for their life. >> reporter: investigators say the giant airbus a-380 operated by air france was taxiing for takeoff to paris. the delta comair flight just landed from boston and was waiting on a rampway. ground traffic controllers at jfk were directing the planes. audio recordings reveal the
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moments right before the collision. >> tower comair 563, send the trucks. they just hit us. >> former pilot and aviation expert john cox called the wing clip a rare event and says investigators will be focusing on those ground control instructions and other key factors. >> was there adequate clearance between the taxiway and that ramp area for an aircraft of the a380 size to be tax egg by at that time? >> the double-deck superjumbo jet has quickly become the long haul choice for air carriers since making its first commercial flight in 2007. but its massive size has also created challenges. from extending runways to other special certification requirements to accommodate the giant airbus. michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. today marks the 150th anniversary of the start of the civil war. it was on this day back in 1861 when the first shots were fired
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in charleston, south carolina, toward ft. sumter in the harbor. the moment was re-enacted this morning. that shot set off a four-year war that changed the course of u.s. history. the civil war ended the institution of slavery in this country. 620,000 americans were killed. several events to mark the anniversary of the start of the war are still under way at military forts in charleston. tomorrow, the union army surrender to confederate forces at ft. sumter also will be re-enacted. a lesson in a classroom on the civil war sparked some controversy in virginia when a teacher made minority students pretend to be slaves. the teacher's name is jessica boyle. she teaches fourth grade. back on april 1st, she staged a
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mock slave auction. she had the white kids on one side, the african-american and mixed race students on the other side selling and buying the african-american and mixed race kids. it was supposed to be part of a civil war history lesson. the principal sent a note home to parents at that school. they said the teacher's actions were well intended but the activity was inappropriate. >> the kids are going to get offended. parents especially. >> i feel like she was just trying to demonstrate. i don't think she mean anything by like trying to hurt anybody. >> officials with the norfolk public school system say appropriate personnel action is being taken. boyle has been teaching at the norfolk school system for six years now. coming up, a food that may fight fat from the inside out. and we still have some storms out there. doug is going to have our full forecast in just a minute. >> i'm pat collins. tonight, the story of a mother duck. and her ten little ducklings.
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and their new life here in the big city. i've got it for you c
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you're watching news 4 at 6:00. >> the national geographic society in downtown d.c. is getting a lot of attention now because of a new family that's moved in there. >> a mother duck traveled to the
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build a building's courtyard and is raising her ten ducklings there. pat collins caught up with the new family today. >> reporter: this is a mother duck and her ten little ducklings. she's a d.c. duck raising her family in the heart of our city. latasha lewis named the mama duck. >> well, we named her shaquita tiffany square. >> reporter: now wherever the mama duck goes, the ducklings are not far behind. but, like in most families, there's always one who seems a little more behind than the others. the second grade class came here to serenade the duck family. this double-digit birth took place in a planter at the sumner square building. captain hope washington was there for that. >> it was really lovely. really lovely.
6:22 pm
i cried like they were my own children. >> reporter: on sunday, the mother duck made her move. she led her ducklings off that planter and then down this handicap ramp. across 17th street. crossed m street and back over 17th street using the crosswalks all the way to get to that courtyard at national geographic. here she teaches her ducklings the way of the world. that sometimes you are going to fall but you got to get up and keep on keeping on. the national geographic's mike curry acts as the protector. he's put up signs and tape to give the ducks room to grow. >> you feel like you are sort of godfather duck? >> beginning to feel that way, yeah. >> reporter: in the middle of that courtyard is a pond. and you know what they say about ducks to water. you see, we're in the center of
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the city and mama duck wants to make sure her kids know they're not pigeons. i'm pat collins, news 4 washington. >> you wonder how those ducklings know. the first time they jump into that water. just follow mom, huh? >> they just know. it's amazing, isn't it? >> it is. >> good weather for them today. >> great weather. really not a bad day today. some of us woke up to a lot of rain. it rained fairly heavily in a lot of locations. other locations saw some sunshine during the day today. that's what's going on right now. some areas seeing rain. others are starting to break out into the sunshine once again before the sun makes its way down in about the next hour or so. take a look out there right now. what we are seeing is a little bit in the way of fog out there. and some cloud cover. across the d.c. area. but starting to break out a little bit. also seeing some shower activity around washington. take the umbrella with you. no matter what you're going to be doing, take that umbrella. the nationals game, playing the phillies tonight.
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i think they'll get the game in, but i wouldn't be surprised to see a delay or two here or there. 72 degrees the high temperature today. that occurred at 12:29 in the morning. the temperature by 9:00 went down to 57. it went back up, then back down, then back up, then back down. kind of a wild ride during the day today. it's kind of what we saw out there with the -- not only the temperatures but the wind and the rain as well. 56 degrees right now. winds out of the east-northeast at 16 miles an hour. gusting to 30 miles an hour. so a very windy afternoon as well. and that's because of this strong storm system that's just continuing to sit on top of us. near 70 degrees down there. a little earlier. now we are seeing that rain. who is seeing the rain? not everybody. i told you yesterday some areas would see more than others. but this is a little different. 0.7 just about in sterling. washington 0.2. just about 0.1 toward andrews air force base. quantico seeing almost no rain at all.
6:25 pm
salsbury, nothing. charlottesville, almost 0.6. that's where we're seeing some of that rain making its way out there. here's the rain rotating around an area of low pressure. that area of low pressure is just going to sit and spin. we're seeing a lot of rain. flash flood warnings out toward harrisonburg and even strong thunderstorms there. more storms and shower activity along the eastern shore and portions of southern maryland. we'll do a couple of stops here. a little bit of a zoom into this region. once again toward stanton, watch out around 81. 81 is seeing a lot of those showers. into west virginia, hampshire county. this is all rotating around that storm to the north and west. it's also affecting the panhandle around martinsburg down into portions of frederick county in virginia. leesburg seeing some rain. ashburg. the rain is going to continue throughout the evening hours in some of those locations. bulls run, that's making its way off to the north and west. if you are driving out 66, expect to see rain on your way
6:26 pm
toward front royal. the bigger picture shows the area of low pressure just spinning right back to our west. it's not moving very fast at all. that means we're going to be in this for the next 12 to maybe 24 hours or so. this will be with us tomorrow so expect more shower activity early tomorrow before this area of low pressure moves out. cool air to the north. that's what this area of low pressure is doing. it's wrapping that cool air in. temperatures below average during the day tomorrow. as the area of low pressure moves off to the north and east, maybe a couple of breaks of sunshine during the day tomorrow. it's not going to be a washout. maybe a few showers before the noon hour. and late in the afternoon, we may see clearing skies. temperatures through the south will be warmer. but then on thursday, everybody gets into the sunshine and the mild weather as most locations will be at or at least near the 70-degree mark. thursday and friday right now are looking very, very nice. for the rest of this evening, scattered, cloudy showers. not everybody is going to get them. some could be fairly heavy downpours. 57 to 64.
6:27 pm
winds out of the northeast at 10 to 20 miles per hour. tomorrow morning, you'll wake up. i do expect showers around the morning hours. mostly cloudy, scattered showers here. mild, though, with temperatures around the 50-degree mark as you step out the door tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon, temperatures rising to around the 60-degree mark. mostly cloudy with some sun late in the day. winds out of the northwest or becoming out of the northwest at 10 to 15 miles per hour. thursday and friday, there are the two gems of this forecast. temperatures near 70 both thursday and friday. then another storm system. this one as well does look like it has potential to bring us some rain and thunderstorms with the temperature near 65 degrees as we look toward the extended forecast. please stay around 70 degrees sunday, monday and into tuesday. so two days of rain, but once again, this is spring and this is what we expect in our area. >> we'll stay soggy at least for a while. >> yep. >> thank you doug. coming up, questioning the rights of the faithful to pack heat at church. >> anyone in lives in maryland may have to pay more for other
6:28 pm
things other than alcohol. i'm julie carey in prince williams county. local leaders complain a new legislative map will effectively keep african-americans and latinos from being elected. their worries coming up. coming up in sports why the capitals are starting a playoff rookie in goal against the rangers. nationals outfielder jayson werth seeing some very familiar faces at the park this afternoon. and the nfl releases the preseason schedule for all 32 teams. even though they are in a lockout. [ male announcer ] this year, get the most out of your lawn
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you're watching nbc 4. washington's news leader. now live in hd, this is "news 4 at 6:00." >> the 2012 budget battle is shaping up to be a political war. president barack obama is planning to lay out a new spending plan tomorrow. republicans already are warning they do not see tax hikes as an answer. >> the national transportation safety board is investigating an incident at john f. kennedy airport last night. an air france jumbo jet taxiing clipped a smaller plane on the tarmac and really shook it up. however, nobody was seriously hurt. gas prices throughout the country are soaring, up 11 cents in the last week. the current average for a gallon of regular gasoline is $3.79.
6:32 pm
it certainly seems like an odd place to bring a weapon, but virginia's attorney general says it's automatic to bring firearms into places of worship if it's for self-defense. >> as aaron gilchrist reports, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of pistols in the pews. >> life insurance, car insurance, insurance on your house. carrying a firearm is just another tool of insurance. >> reporter: jim snider is with the virginia citizens defense league behind a state delegate's request for an official opinion on a virginia statute that prohibits guns in places of worship without good and sufficient reason. >> nobody really knew what it meant. we wanted to get it defined because we didn't want to people to encounter problems and have different judges determine it means different things. >> reporter: members of churches and even pastors have asked for clarity on the law. and he says attorney general ken cuccinelli provided that last
6:33 pm
friday. he wrote in part, carrying a weapon for personal protection constitutes a good and sufficient reason to carry a weapon into a place of worship. in his opinion, though, cuccinelli also wrote that places of worship can restrict or ban firearms from their premises. >> there have been instances where mad men have entered churches and wrecked mayhem. and having a firearm enables you to take action. >> i think it should be the right of any individual to carry a weapon. >> there have been so much violence over the last years in public places that we always thought of as safe. i can see why more and more people resort to that. >> reporter: churches across the commonwealth are hearing about the attorney general's opinion and talking about it, too. they recognize what the law says, but they don't like it. >> it's actually the opcyst everything that we preach. everything that we teach. everything that we understand. the church is supposed to be a place of peace. a place of safety. a place of refuge. >> the attorney general's
6:34 pm
opinion doesn't have the force of law behind it, but it is something that has churches talking, whether they'll talk about this in their churches or post signs saying no guns allowed. i'm aaron gilchrist, news 4, arlington. a former girls soccer coach arrested for the alleged rapes of two young girls is out on bail. he coached the soccer team at orange county high school. he was also a youth minister at salem fields community church in spotsylvania. he was arrested at the end of last month. police say he raped the two girls in 2007 and 2008. they are now 15 and 16 years old. he was freed on $25,000 bond and ordered to stay away from children. it's not often the democrats and republicans come together in agreement, but in prince william county, both parties are protesting a new map for state senate districts. as julie carey reports. people are concerned it will make it difficult for a minorit future.
6:35 pm
>> reporter: as one of the fastest growing areas in the country, prince william county added 122,000 residents over the past decade. and perhaps more significantly, it's become a majority minority community. people of color outnumber whites. local leaders were hopeful newly drawn legislative maps would reward that growth with more influence and more representation in richmond. instead, the restricting plan just approved by the state senate splits prince william county up among six senate districts compared to four now. and only one district is entirely in prince william. the others stretch into neighboring counties, many of them rural areas. >> this is a disgrace and an insult to the residents of prince william county, regardless of your party. >> reporter: corey stewart was joined today by the naacp and african-american leaders. they share his concern that not only does the map weaken the county's representation but makes it more difficult for people of color to be elected. >> it actually effectively
6:36 pm
sprinkles us throughout six districts which dilutes the vote of the majority, minority community which means the likelihood of someone who will sit there that looks closer to me, is not likely. >> reporter: others defend it saying it improves prince william county's standing, creating two districts in which the majority of the voters are minorities. >> both of those two districts, a majority of the population are people of color, members of minority groups. >> reporter: local elected officials and african-american leaders of urging governor mcdonald to veto the senate redistricting plan. stewart says if that doesn't happen, a final option is a lawsuit. julie carey, news 4, woodbridge, virginia. in maryland, governor martin o'malley signed the first of the bills from this year's legislative session. he signed them into law today. in annapolis, the governor signed a bill aimed at making health care more affordable for all residents of maryland. it gives individuals and small
6:37 pm
businesses access to competitive prices for health insurance. but the governor says the most important accomplishment of this legislative session was closing the $1.4 billion budget gap. >> we were able to close $1.4 billion revenue shortfall. and we were also able to defend our aaa bond rating. and we were able to reform and put on a path toward solvency our public pension systems. none of those decisions were easy. all of those choices were difficult. but we were able to come together at the end of the day and our state is better for it. >> the session ended at midnight last night in the final hours, lawmakers passed a bill raising the tax on alcohol from 6% to 9%. it also passed the dream act which allows the children of illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition for state colleges. coming up on news 4, a new benefit to adding blueberrys to
6:38 pm
your diet. >> at least one city got left out today when nasa announced the permanent homes for retired space sh
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
you're. you're watching news 4 at 6:00. keep the umbrella with you as
6:41 pm
you make your way out this evening into tonight and tomorrow morning. scattered showers. not a whole lot of rain out there encompassing the entire area. showers here and there. some of those showers making their way through western portions of virginia. and also into the panhandle of west virginia. you can see right around martinsburg, shepherdstown. frederick. and another zoom into montgomery county. rain around aspen hill and through the bethesda region. we'll continue to see that rain throughout the day tomorrow morning. but then, things get a whole lot nicer. at least for a little while. my forecast coming up. doreen? >> thank you, doug. blueberries could be a key to fighting obesity in the future. some doctors say recent findings look promising. researchers at texas women's university injected chemicals from blueberries into mice. they found the fat content was much higher in the fat tissue of mice not injected with blueberries. the blueberries appeared to have reduced fat cells by 73% in the
6:42 pm
mice. scientists warn that much more testing is needed. they have not done any human trials yet. >> they don't have to. watch me because as of now, i'm doing blueberries. >> a lot of us are already eating blueberries anyway because they are supposed to be good for you. >> the anti-oxidants and all that. >> so why not? >> what do you think? >> i'm in on that. if it works. we're all going to be trying it pretty soon. talking football. redskins releasing their 2011 preseason schedule. despite the nfl lockout. the wizards hope to have something to build on for next season. plus, nationals outs fielder jayson werth has his first opportunity to play against his former team. the phillies inown tonight. ♪
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[ male announcer ] america's beverage companies are working together to put more information right up front. adding new calorie labels to every single can, bottle and pack they produce. so you can make the choice that's right for you. ♪ you're watching "news 4 at 6:00." >> i saw the preseason schedule. if they play -- if they play,
6:46 pm
those games, that would be quite a test. that's a heck of a lineup they got. >> every single one of the teams they're going to be facing had at least ten wins this past season. we'll find out. but you hit it on the head if they play. the nfl just plugging away like it's business as usual. the league released preseason schedules today. knowing it is all, of course, subject to change depending on the outcome of the labor negotiations. right now, the redskins' scheduled to play their normal four preseason games starting with a home contest against the steelers. here's a complete look at the rundown. after the steelers game, the skins have two straight road games, indy and then baltimore. then it's the preseason finale against the tampa bay buccaneers. three of these games, of course, will be on nbc 4, for now. the ravens game scheduled to a nationally televised thursday nighter. so that will be a good test. let's hope they actually get them in the books. with ryan zimmerman out for a few weeks, the nationals have called up jesus flores.
6:47 pm
flores back from the majors for the first time since 2009. he could actually see some action tonight at nationals park where the guys are hosting the phillies. the other big story line in this one, of course is jayson werth. the nationals' new right fielder came from philadelphia where he became a star and helped the phillies win a world series. thee impressed the gnats enough to get a $126 million contract. but not the phillies. werth has gotten off to a slow start this just .200 with a home run and an rbi in nine games. >> always you want to get, when you play with your, you know, with your old team, but i'm sure he feels that way. but at the same time, you know, he has a game plan, and his game plan is to go out there, take one at-bat at a time. >> we're going to play them so much. jas jayson is here for the long haul. we play in the division so much,
6:48 pm
i don't think it will be a significant thing as we move forward. but the first one is certainly it's got to be a little special. and then we'll get it out of the way and then it's not an issue anymore. >> of course in philadelphia, this is a big issue. his replacement, ben francisco, already has a couple of home runs. hitting over .300. he's making one-tenth of what jayson werth is making. >> are there going to be any -- in the park tonight? >> when you play philly, it's all philadelphia. >> maybe there will be no fans tonight. >> people with ponchos. >> let's hope there's somebody watching this game. >> a ton of fans watching tomorrow's night. the capitals head coach has been fully committed to playing mike green in the game on wednesday calling green a gametime decision. but it would be very surprising if green, who is the team's best defenseman, didn't go. one guy who is in for sure is
6:49 pm
michael neuvirth. boudreaux officially named him the starting goalie for the playoffs. the caps have three good young goalies but decided to go with neuvirth. he played in the most games among the caps' goalies this year and had the most wins, setting a new rookie record. he also tied kolzig's club record of ten straight wins. now time to see how the kid will react in his first nhl playoff series. >> i'm not nervous at all. you know, pretty excited. it's going to be a huge game for us. obviously, you want to start on a good note and i played two games against them. won one game there and lost a game on home ice. so it will be a good series. obviously, i've got a good team. they've got good skills on the front, but i think our team is way better than them. >> he's been through
6:50 pm
championship series and everything else. he's ready. i don't have to say anything to him. matter of fact, i've tried not to say anything to him to -- for fear that it would get him wound up or nervous or whatever. he does what he does. he's played really big in big games for us. and we've got a lot of belief in him. >> i don't know if you caught that. the end of neuvirth's sound bite. he said i think our team is way better than them. some would look at that as bulletin board material. >> what other attitude should he have? >> you know what i want to know? what is his stretching routine. what he does with his leg ooze. >> the butterfly. >> that's incredible. >> those guys are crazy. >> andsammy always has the groin problems so maybe he should -- >> tmi. >> all right. moving on. we haven't talked about the looming nba lockout much but it isafter the season. and most nba insiders believe there's a very good chance that at least part of next year will
6:51 pm
be missed. that means regular season nba games that will be missed. if that's the case, the wizards' last home game for a while was a pretty good one. wizards hosting the celtics last night. and the cs resting paul pierce, ray allen and kevin garnett. four starters in all did not play for the celtics. troy murphy probably wishing he didn't play after a block like that. over mcgee. back to jeffords for the dunk. wizards up by five. and then a few minutes later, a very familiar face on him for the celtics. jeff green who came over in a trade from oklahoma city. did some work last night. 20 points and 15 rebounds for the former georgetown star. this one goes down to the wire. jordan crawford ties it up and we are headed to overtime. crawford has been absolutely amazing the last couple of weeks. crawford, doing it again here in ot. putting the wizards up by three. can't leave him open. he had 17. five seconds left.
6:52 pm
the celtics had one last chance. down by one. carlos arroyo. nope. this just isn't going to do it. he did have a good look. couldn't convert. 95-94 the final in overtime. their fifth win in seven games. >> we played against a team that's in the playoffs. we beat some of them and lost to some of them. had close games against them. i think we're all going to be mature next we are. learn how to trust each other more like we've been doing the last few games and hopefully carry it into training camp next year. >> the learning lesson more than anything else is here are guys down six with 40 seconds to go. 44 seconds. and we find a way to get it in overtime and win it in overtime. you hope these young guys that go through that, they can realize that and next year in that situation, and it's a -- you are making a playoff run and it's huge. it really is even more meaningful than what they have the ability to make those plays. >> so i guess the lesson here is trade away all your stars and
6:53 pm
sign guys from the developmental league and you'll start winning games. >> i guess it's one way to look at it. thank you. coming up, the last stop for retired space shuttles. >> we invite you to follow news 4 online. search nbc washington on ♪
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6:00 -- >> nasa's iconic space shuttles are getting ready to embark on one last voyage. it will come after the final flight of the shuttle "atlantis" this summer. the fleet will be retired and placed on permanent public display in museums across the country. jay gray joins us from kennedy space center with more on where their journeys will end. hi, jay. >> caller: hey there, doreen. today, really a special day in the history and future of american space exploration. 30 years ago today, nasa launched the first shuttle and this afternoon, as you talked about, it announced where the shuttles will make their final landings. celebration at kennedy space center. >> oh, i thought it was thrilling. i can't imagine any place that it -- that they shouldn't be here. >> reporter: with word that "atlantis," one of the three ships in the retiring shuttle fleet will stay at home. >> it's humbling. it really is. there were tears in our room watching it. the "atlantis" is symbolic.
6:57 pm
it will be the last shuttle to fly. so the last shuttle to come home ends up here at the kennedy space center is so appropriate. >> reporter: it took charlie bolton, a former shuttle pilot, years to make this decision. but only minutes to announce where the fleet would make its final landing. >> first here at the kennedy space center, we'll showcase my old friend "atlantis." the california science center in los angeles will be the new home of the shuttle on the launch pad preparing its final mission, "endeavour." the smithsonian's national air and space museum in virginia will get "discovery." and new york city's intrepid sea, air and space museum will get "enterprise." not on that list, the base that trained all of the shuttle astronauts, created so many of the systems and parts that enabled the program to fly, johnson space center in houston. where members of that team were visibly shaken. >> it's sad because houston did not get the recognition that it deserved. >> reporter: also on the outside
6:58 pm
looking in, facilities thought to be front-runners like the national museum of the u.s. air force in dayton, ohio and the museum of flight in seattle, initially so confident it had already started work on a new wing for its shuttle. take good care of our vehicles. they served the nation well. >> reporter: service that will continue now and hopefully inspire a new generation of space pioneers from new york to los angeles. nasa had said all along one of the primary goals was to spread the shuttles out geographically so as many people as possible could get a firsthand look at this history. and again, the news good for the smithsonian out by dulles. they have one coming their way. back to you, doreen. >> jay gray reporting. thank you, jay. >> doug is here with one more check on our weather. >> just looked outside again. the sun making its way out again in our area. but not to worry. more showers will come in across the region. but at least we're getting a little more sunshine out there. take a look at the radar.
6:59 pm
what you can see is that rain making its way through. starting to expand in coverage. especially to the east along the chesapeake. the banks of the chesapeake, including calvert county and back toward loudoun county as well. expect more shower activity early tomorrow and thursday and friday looking very nice with a high near 70 degrees. both days saturday looks like more rain. >> all right. thank you, doug. this ain't nothing compared to what they are dealing with in fargo, north dakota, where anything that is not on high ground now is under water. the martin family, their house is not flooded. but it is surrounded by water, and their driveway is flooded. so gary martin has to use a bucket loader to help his wife get to her car. it's parked by a nearby highway along with a lot of other cars. penny martin is his wife. she adds a few layers of clothes for the ride because it is still cold out there.


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